cry0 decided to play around with Bash on Windows 10 and forkbombs.

Commands ran

We ran it twice; once with just :(){ :|: & };:, once with for i in $(seq 0 1000); do :(){ :|: & };:; done


The first one made the screen freeze up for a few seconds and spike the CPU, but the second one shut off the laptop screen and hard locked.

After checking system logs, it threw a Warning flag for resource exhaustion.

It actually blamed MBAM for taking up ~400 MB of RAM.

Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: mbamservice.exe (2724) consumed 472268800 bytes, firefox.exe (9104) consumed 391847936 bytes, and MsMpEng.exe (2928) consumed 174694400 bytes.

alt text