In August 2023, DEF CON 225 (DC225) decided to do what they do best—immerse themselves in the world of cybersecurity. Instead of their regular meetup, they made a natural choice: attending DEF CON 31, a premier cybersecurity conference.

DEF CON has been a cornerstone of the cybersecurity world since its establishment in 1993. It annually draws hackers, security professionals, and tech enthusiasts from across the globe. This iconic event is celebrated for its cutting-edge talks, workshops, and hands-on challenges, making it the go-to place to explore the latest in cybersecurity.

For DC225, attending DEF CON 31 wasn’t a deviation but a continuation of their shared passion. As a group of individuals dedicated to DEF CON and all things cybersecurity, it was only natural for them to be part of this grand event. They seized the opportunity to expand their knowledge, witness groundbreaking demonstrations, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts on a global scale.

While their regular meetups play a vital role in local networking and learning, DEF CON offers a broader perspective and a chance to be part of the worldwide cybersecurity community.

Although they temporarily set aside their usual meetups, DC225 will return, enriched by their experiences at DEF CON 31. Keep an eye out for their upcoming gatherings, where they’ll undoubtedly share insights and contribute to the cybersecurity scene in Baton Rouge and beyond.